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Kendra Stringer

Living the dream in beautiful Southern California, fitness enthusiast and Beachbody Coach, Kendra Stringer, has found passion in helping others achieve their health and fitness goals.

She leads a full and happy life with her goofball husband, three terrific kiddos, and rambuctious dog Moxie.  Kendra has a proven track record of leading her clients to successful achievement of their health and fitness goals.

Contact Kendra for more info on how she can help YOU reach your goals too!
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    This page is about getting and staying healthy for mind, body and spirit. I offer tips, motivation, and support. I post healthy recipes, and also promote balance. I acknowledge and respect that there are many ways to living a healthy life. I've spent years learning about proper nutrition and exercise, and am here to help others on their health and fitness journey.

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